The most effective way to control IT expenses

Tired of unpredictable technology costs? Hardware-as-a-Service from East End Computers gives you all the hardware you need to run your company for an inexpensive monthly fee. We provide servers, operating systems, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls, and replace them when they become obsolete at no additional expense.

Your monthly fee also eliminates tedious IT management as we renew expired warranties, repair faulty hardware, and update operating systems and firmware as soon as they’re available.

Want to know what a predictable technology bill looks like?
Let us show you.

Hardware-as-a-Service allows you to:

  • Turn costly capital expenses into predictable operating expenses
  • Equip your employees with cutting-edge workstations
  • Eliminate costs associated with keeping hardware and operating systems up to date
  • Keep up with hardware warranties and repairs