Mobile Computing

Empower employees to work wherever they want

Remote work policies have plenty of benefits such as allowing employees to avoid lengthy commutes and work from home or on the go. Meanwhile, remote work allows business owners to raise team morale and increase productivity. East End Computers can help you realize such benefits and more.

Our Mobile Computing solutions are optimized for speed and security, giving you access to feature-rich, high-speed mobile devices equipped with the strongest network protections like VPNs and intrusion prevention systems. Mobile device management tools are also included, allowing you to watch over all company-registered devices from a centralized console.

Managing a fleet of mobile devices can be chaotic. Our advanced tools and round-the-clock support brings order.

East End Computers’ Mobile Computing services provide:

  • Mobile devices - pick from a wide selection of industry-leading brands
  • Optimized networks - to guarantee lightning-fast downloads and uploads
  • Cybersecurity - including VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, and firewalls
  • Device Management - to set access restrictions and push out updates company-wide
  • 24/7 support - for setups and repairs