Video Conferencing

Host clear and productive face-to-face meetings

East End Computers’ Video Conferencing platform allows you to interact with your branch offices, customers, and partners around the world. It’s even optimized for different devices and networks, giving you crisp HD audio and video quality no matter where you are.

The platform also enables screen sharing and has the capacity to connect over 100 people in one session. If you’re worried about privacy, we secure connections with network monitoring and prevent eavesdropping with encryption software.

East End Computers’ Video Conferencing platform is a solid choice for enhancing collaboration and cutting travel costs.
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Our Video Conferencing platform is:

  • Cloud-based - so you can conduct meetings from any device with a webcam
  • Easy-to-use - joining a call is as simple as opening a browser and clicking a link
  • Optimized - to ensure HD-quality audio and video
  • Feature-rich - complete with screen sharing, video recording, third-party integrations
  • Protected - with advanced encryption protocols
  • Fully managed - by a team of certified IT experts