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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Services

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes training videos and automated simulated phishing attacks, regularly sent to users to enhance their awareness and protect your business.

Interactive Training Modules

We provide engaging and interactive training modules, making learning about cybersecurity effective and enjoyable.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Regular simulated attacks help employees recognize and respond to real-world cyber threats, enhancing your security posture.

Ongoing Education and Support

We offer ongoing education and support to keep your team updated on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices.

I can't recommend them enough! Special thanks to Ed!!!

Michael Smith

Ed LIndley is fantastic. We hired him at the North Fork Chamber of Commerce when the board needed to move email and other systems over to another platform and he was very knowledgeable, fast, and surprisingly affordable. We heard about East End Computers from another well-known company out here who swears by him. I'd trust him with any IT project.

Bob McInnis

East End Computers is always there when we need them - highly recommended.

Neal Catapano

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