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Zero Trust Endpoint Security

Our Zero Trust Endpoint Application Allowlisting service allows only approved software, browser extensions, and drivers to run on your computers, enhancing security.

Allowlisting Approach

We implement a strict allowlisting approach to reduce the risk of malicious software infiltrating your network.

Enhanced Endpoint Security

This service significantly enhances the security of your endpoints, allowing only trusted applications to run.

Customized Security Solutions

We tailor our Zero Trust solutions to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring optimal security.

I can't recommend them enough! Special thanks to Ed!!!

Michael Smith

Ed LIndley is fantastic. We hired him at the North Fork Chamber of Commerce when the board needed to move email and other systems over to another platform and he was very knowledgeable, fast, and surprisingly affordable. We heard about East End Computers from another well-known company out here who swears by him. I'd trust him with any IT project.

Bob McInnis

East End Computers is always there when we need them - highly recommended.

Neal Catapano

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