PC Repair

We fix all types of desktops and laptops

If you’re having issues with your desktops or laptops, East End Computers provides PC Repair services for companies in Southampton, East Hampton, and all surrounding areas. Our certified engineers have several years of experience handling every hardware issue, from simple virus removal to complex data recovery jobs.

Our organization services equipment from all major manufacturers including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, HP, and many others. We’ll even perform a thorough inspection of your hardware to check for performance issues, faulty computer components, and malware, and have your PC as good as new usually on the same day!

East End Computers technicians root out the cause of your problems to prevent the same issues from reoccurring.

Our PC Repair services provide:

  • Cleaning and diagnostics
  • Malware detection & removal
  • Data recovery
  • Replacement parts
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Remote support
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Firmware installation and optimization