Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep mission-critical assets out of harm’s way

Natural disaster, cyberattacks, and power outages occur when you least expect them, and if you don’t have an effective disaster recovery plan in place, your company’s chances of survival are slim to none. East End Computers’ Backup and Disaster Recovery services minimize damages and keep your day-to-day operations running no matter what happens.

Before implementing anything, our experts will review and evaluate all potential risks that can impact business continuity. Then, we’ll establish step-by-step recovery procedures and back up your data in secure offsite servers that are unaffected by local disasters and hacker attacks.

Just tell us what assets are mission-critical and the East End Computers team will recover it in a matter of minutes.

East End Computers Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services offer:

  • Risk assessments - to identify highly vulnerable assets
  • Guaranteed recovery times - based on your company’s priority levels
  • Fully encrypted cloud backups - that allow for effortless recovery
  • Routine testing - to ensure solutions always work
  • White glove support - to streamline the recovery process